Fairer Votes Videos

The People Say Yes!

Make History: Yes to Fairer Votes! (created by www.LeVanGilroy.com)

The Problems with “First Past the Post” voting explained (by C.G.P. Grey)

A message for the New Year from Jonathan Bartley of  Yes To Fairer Votes

A brief demonstration of Fairer Votes Phonebanking

Ralph’s Story: Why I’m Yes To Fairer Votes

John Strafford speaking in favour of AV at Warwick Uni debate

Bristol Fairer Votes group – “New Year, New Voting System”

Billy Bragg at the Fairer Votes rally at the Labour party conference in Manchester

“Hark! The voting system’s broke…”

4 Responses to Fairer Votes Videos

  1. Hi,

    I’d be really keen to find out how to properly embed youtube videos in a wordpress blog. Any hints and tips gratefully received.

  2. and it would help if I ticked the notify me about follow ups by email box.

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  4. Hi there- go to the video you want on Youtube, then click the “embed” button below it & a small window should appear which contains the embed code. Copy this code & then paste it into the main content text bit when you’re putting a post or page together. The embeded video should magically appear when you preview what the page/post will look like (the embedded video doesn’t appear in your edit/construction version of the post). Other than that I know very little else about embedding videos on to these blogs!

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