The Alternative Vote (& why we need it) in videos!

Excellent viral video maker & blogger C.G.P. Grey has followed up the success of his video that neatly explains why our current FPTP voting system really no longer works for us as a democracy, with this video that brilliantly gives an example in straightforward terms of how the Alternative Vote works & why it’s better for our elections than our current broken system (& yes it involves the animal kingdom again!). Here’s the video:

Up next is another nice homemade video by Tim Longman which also explains how AV works & also gives some very good reasons why we should change the way we elect our MPs to AV! He also mentions something very important that many in the No campaign like to ignore- the fact that many voters no longer have a strong allegiance with any of the major political parties, & often agree with part of what a few of the parties have to say but have no way of showing this nuanced choice under the current FPTP system:

Next up is a bit of our own West Midlands recent campaigning activity that was covered by BBC Midlands Today, featuring a bit of an interview with Charlotte from our Birmingham University team! Great to see that our well-supported positive message of change &  people politics over party politics comes across far better than the negativity & self-interested rhetoric of “No To AV”:

Last, but certainly not least, in this little collection of fine Fairer Votes videos is the official Yes To Fairer Votes campaign broadcast, which will be shown on BBC1 & ITV1 at 6:55pm this evening (& BBC2 at 5:55pm, on Five at 7:25pm & Channel4 at 7:50pm, then probably repeated on at least one of the BBC channels later, but don’t quote me on that!). I’m biased, but I think it’s tons better than the confused, patchy & downright patronising advert the No campaign have put out! Here it is:

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