March Into May – Step out for fairer votes this Saturday!

Saturday 9th April | 11am – 3pm | High Street (by Marks & Spencer), Birmingham city centre, B4 7SS

With just ONE MONTH left until Referendum polling day on May 5th, this coming Saturday is the perfect time for all West Midlands Fairer Votes supporters to join together & get the “YES” message out in central Birmingham!

Starting off by Marks & Spencer on High Street in the city centre, we will be hosting a ‘high-vis, big impact’ outreach event in Birmingham to really push the positive and populist message of AV. The event will focus on trying to change the public perception of the alternative vote into one of ‘people politics’ and ‘voters first’.

We have all seen how the No Campaign, with its industrialist backing can afford to splash billboards on every other street corner, and spread their propaganda that ‘No-one wants to spend £250 million on AV’. If we are to challenge and overturn this fraudulent message, then we have to seize the initiative. We have to push strongly in the area the No campaign so far haven’t got the will or numbers- we really have to get our positive message of change out at groud-level, even more than we have been already! To do this we need all our supporters out & visible in busy towns & cities, such as Birmingham.

We will be joining forces with Yes To Fairer Votes Supporters from other neighbouring areas, & also representatives & speakers from other supporting groups such as Labour Yes, The Green Party & Conservative Yes, which directly show the wide base of support the necessary AV reform has, unlike the narrow vested interests that back the “No To AV” campaign.

So please get involved. Invite your friends, relatives and MPs to the event. Let’s show how AV is about people and not vested interest groups!

Let’s step out for fairer votes. Let’s March into May!

For more details on this event & to get involved, please visit it’s event page on the Yes To Fairer Votes website & it’s Facebook page

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