Local “Youth Says YES!” event on BBC Midlands Today

You might have caught this already on BBC Midlands Today, but here’s a video (on Youtube) of their coverage of the “Youth Says YES!” event at the University of Birmingham & also the wider debate. Well done to all the supporters & volunteers involved!

With the news media starting to take more notice of the forthcoming referendum it’s up to us to keep on spreading the message of the positive change for voters that is the Alternative Vote, while also dispelling some of the myths used against it, including the one voiced towards the end of the Midlands Today piece that it will lead to more hung parliaments & coalitions- the vast majority of evidence in fact shows that AV is no more likely to lead to more coalitions than the current First Past The Post system (for example Australia, which uses AV, has a hung parliament for the first time in about 80 years, while we in the UK, using FPTP, have had 4 during the same time, including the current coalition government).

Also AV may not directly benefit the Liberal Democrats either, & such ascertions misleadingly neglect all of the other factors that can greatly swing election campaigns such as the track records of the parties, the policies & values of the parties & also the strengths, weaknesses & capabilities of the candidates running. Put simply, if the Lib Dems remain as unpopular with voters as they are currently no voting system will help them, let alone keep them as the supposed “Kingmakers” the smearing, right-wing led “No to AV” campaign is keen to paint them as.

Meanwhile, the No campaign continues to fail to put forward any kind of positive argument as to why we should keep the current “First Past the Post System”, possibly because even it’s percieved strengths (in the eyes of it’s supporters) aren’t really strengths at all when analysed. Below is a great video made by C. G. P. Grey which clearly explains the various flaws with our voting system & basically why we need to move away from it:

The referendum in May isn’t just about the Alternative Vote.  Realising the many problems & unrepresentative results of FPTP is also part of the debate as both systems are on trial. People need to know there’s an alternative to the current broken system that allows two-thirds of MPs to be elected with less than 50% of the local vote, & allows a party to win the majority of seats without needing the majority of votes.

That alternative is now available- The Alternative Vote.

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