George Monbiot on the Alternative Vote …

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to get the chance to ask George Monbiot about his views of the Alternative Vote and his position on the referendum, when he was a panelist on ‘Any Questions’, on Radio 4.

George Monbiot

George Monbiot

George is an investigative journalist, author and broadcaster. He writes a column for the Guardian, campaigning on environmental issues and against what he sees as the Government’s propping up of big business and the financial sector. Last year, he launched a fund to reward people who attempt to arrest Tony Blair for war crimes.  He has written a number of books.  As an academic, he’s held fellowships or professorships at Oxford, Bristol and Keele universities.  In 1995, Nelson Mandela presented him with a United Nations 500 Award for outstanding environmental achievement. George’s website.

Here is George’s articulate and reasoned response to the Alternative Vote and the campaigns so far:

If you can’t see the play button above, please click here.

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