“Reasons to be Cheerful!” Part 2 – New Poll shows ‘Yes’ campaign in the lead

Ok, so really this news is more a reason to be cautiously optimistic than outright cheerful, but then Christmas is just around the corner & we needed an extra excuse to post the “Reform Robin” on here too!

The Reform Robin always gives us reasons to be cheerful!

Anyway, political blog Left Foot Forward have today exclusively revealed the findings of a very recent ICM Poll for the Electoral Reform Society which shows the Yes campaign favoured Alternative Vote in the lead against the current FPTP system. It also shows (like many other polls over the past 4 months) that there is very much all to play for as a large percentage of people still remain undecided. Here’s the figures-

YES (change system to AV)35%

NO (keep current FPTP system)22%


This poll result is markedly different to other polls over October & November, which have had the No campaign around 5-10 points ahead, & when reported carry the usual comments about the No campaign being better organised & funded. While the funding apsect may well be very true, such articles in the likes of the New Statesman & right-leaning newspapers seem to have a collective blind-spot when it comes to the growing grassroots Yes To Fairer Votes campaign in many areas across the UK, including us in Birmingham & the wider West Midlands.

So let’s keep on like the Robin & keep on spreading the Fairer Votes message to all those undecided people out there!

You can read the full article about the poll here on Left Foot Forward

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