“New Generation” No2AV MPs- 16 out of 20 failed to win 50% of their constituency vote

After revealing the group of frontline “old guard” Conservative & Labour politicians who want to cling on to the broken FPTP voting system, the offical No campaign have now released a list of 20 new intake MPs (10 Conservative, 10 Labour) who are against the proposed upgrade of our elections to AV, & believe in the prepared statement they all signed that the public aren’t interested in changing our electoral system- the fact that grassroots groups for Take Back Parliament & Yes To Fairer Votes have sprung up & grown across many UK Towns & Cities since the summer is neither here nor there then! The view of No2AV & these MPs also disregards the fact that a lot of people are still unaware of next spring’s referendum which doesn’t necessarily equate at all to a dislike of change to our electoral system at all either. This list also continues to emphasise how this campaign is continuing to turn into a battle between the politicians & the public.

The most telling statistic for me about this list of anti-reform “rookie” MPs is that over three-quarters of them (16 out of 20) won their seats with less than 50% of the vote- & of course under the proposed AV system an MP has to achieve 50% or more to win. Maybe these MPs have other principled reasons to oppose AV, but the stench of pure self & party interest to maintain a system where a candidate can win with just 30% of the vote & a party can win an outright 57% of seats with just 36% of the total vote as Labour did in 2005 hangs heavy over this band of No2AV supporters.

Listed below are the 20 MPs in question- we may revisit some of the MPs individually, time & interest permitting. What really intrigues me is how different (or not) the final outcomes in many of these seats could be under AV- we don’t know exactly how much the simple negative ploy of tactical voting under FPTP is a factor in these seats, & whether being freed up to make a positive, sophisticated choice under AV would make a drastic difference.

At least voters would be able to make those kind of ranked preference choices with AV though, & maybe that’s the really crucial point about improving our democracy.

(table & links courtesy of Paul Perrin – Free People Of England blog)

Name Party Constituency % of votes
Chris Williamson Lab Derby North 33.0%
Gavin Shuker Lab Luton South 34.9%
Guto Bebb Con Aberconwy 35.8%
George Eustice Con Camborne and Redruth 37.6%
Stuart Andrew Con Pudsey 38.0%
Julie Hilling Lab Bolton West 38.5%
Tristram Hunt Lab Stoke-on-Trent Central 38.7%
Toby Perkins Lab Chesterfield 39.0%
Jake Berry Con Rossendale and Darwen 41.8%
Karen Lumley Con Redditch 43.5%
Julie Elliott Lab Sunderland Central 45.9%
Thomas Docherty Lab Dunfermline & West Fife 46.3%
Kwasi Kwarteng Con Spelthorne 47.1%
Yvonne Fovargue Lab Makerfield 47.3%
Karl Turner Lab Kingston upon Hull East 47.9%
Zac Goldsmith Con Richmond Park & North Kingston 49.7%
Nick Boles Con Grantham and Stamford 50.3%
Michael McCann Lab East Kilbride Strathaven & Lesmahagow 51.5%
Priti Patel Con Witham 52.2%
Dominic Raab Con Esher and Walton 58.9%
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