BBC Newsnight- Yes To Fairer Votes take on Margaret Beckett

Jonathan Bartley of Yes To Fairer Votes debates the forthcoming referendum with Margaret Beckett, President of the No2AV campaign (video courtesy of the Fairer Votes Youtube channel & originally BBC Newsnight).

Incredibly negative performance from Beckett & once again no sign of any credible defence of the current FPTP system, even when rightly rebuked by Jonathan Bartley on her dubious ascertion that AV will lead to even more coalition governments. She alludes to Fiji again when she mentions the countries that use AV (but of course fails to cover the full reasons why they’re dropping it, as talked about here recently) & also Australia which hopefully we’ll be covering very soon (because she’s being rather selective & incorrect with what she’s saying on that one too).

Update: We also thought it was interesting Margaret Beckett denies writing a letter to the Party re the Shadow Cabinet positions (from 4m 10s onwards).  The letter, dated 29th July 2010, is here.  She says in the letter that “We believe the best way to agree this [election of the Shadow Cabinet] is through a ballot under AV”.  Maybe she had forgotten, it was a little while ago in July.

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One Response to BBC Newsnight- Yes To Fairer Votes take on Margaret Beckett

  1. Muirchertach says:

    Margaret Becket also mentioned Papua New Guinea but Papua New Guinea doesn’t use AV; their politics are highly competitive with most members elected on a personal and ethnic basis within their constituencies rather than as a result of party affiliation. Members of parliament are now elected in a limited preferential voting (LPV) system. There are several parties, but party allegiances are not strong. Winning independent candidates are usually courted in efforts to forge the majority needed to form a government, and allegiances are fluid. No single party has yet won enough seats to form a government in its own right.

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