The Independent fully supports the Yes Campaign

The Independent has today used it’s leading opinion article to highlight the issue of our forthcoming referendum on a much needed change to the way we elect our MPs, & the title of the piece should warm the heart of any supporter of electoral reform- “Voters should seize this chance for electoral reform”!

It’s a good piece that fully confirms The Independent’s strong  support for such reforms, though neglects to mention the growing grassroots Take Back Parliament/Yes To Fairer Votes campaign in towns, cities & counties across the UK since the summer & instead focuses on the politicians on either side of the referendum divide.

Here’s a taster of what is said-

It is early days. But even now, the campaign has many of the ingredients, including heavyweight debaters and constitutional specialists on both sides, to make it a vintage political battle. Which is gratifying, because any change in the voting system is a serious matter and one that requires all the aspects to be fully aired. Best of all, the campaign will be that rare creature in British politics: an argument that crosses party lines.

The Independent’s view of the argument crossing party lines does seem to just take into account the broad views of the 2 major parties & the Lib Dems, while I would always stress the support of the Green Party & UKIP are highly valuable to the Yes campaign’s pool of activists & supporters as well. Many of us also strongly hope that the great majority of forward-thinking Labour members, supporters & voters stay loyal to their new leader, Ed Miliband & other prominent Labour politicians such as Ben Bradshaw & Peter Hain in backing a Yes to AV vote too. Despite some of their deeply held reservations about AV & voting reform in general, Conservatives that are true supporters of democracy also have nothing to fear from upgrading our elections to AV & traditionalists can still vote with just a ‘1’ or an old-school ‘X’ for just the one candidate they want to vote for like they always have. Above all the support & votes of all those voters who have no strong party allegiance at all will be critical to victory for either side of the issue.

You can read the full article here

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