Passage of the Bill.

‘Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Bill’ is making it’s way through the House of Lords.  Next, it goes before the Committee of the whole House on the 30th November.  There are a number of amendments proposed, but the most notable from Liberal Democrat peer, Lord Alton of Liverpool, who has proposed:

At present, the UK uses the “first past the post” system to elect MPs to the House of Commons. It is proposed that the system should be changed. Please rank the following options in order of preference.

Should the UK use:

(a) the first past the post system

(b) the Alternative Vote system

(c) the AV+ system

(d) the Alternative Member system

(e) the Single Transferable Vote system?

Although, this option would give the electorate the ultimate choice, it would, I fear, lead to considerable opposition to the bill from other peers.   Maybe they would be more amenable to some of these options when there is an ‘elected’ House of Lords.  It does, however, ensure the debate on the 30th will at least be entertaining.

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