More from the Labour Grassroots- “Why Labour and Unions must campaign for AV”

While sniffing around on Twitter (as you do) I was directed towards this rather thoughtful blog-posting by Ralph Ferrett, a Labour supporter & Trade Union activist with the CWU, on his blog, Lunchtime Legend, which by the way is one of the best names for a blog I’ve seen knocking around the internet! The article is about the broader reasons why Labour & also Trade Unions should support AV because of their deep-seated beliefs in making society fairer for all of us & their desire to make society more equal, not less.  He explains:

…the kind of political system we have materially effects what kind of a society and economy we have. Put simply the more plural and proportional the political system the less unequal the society.

Don’t just take my word for it, don’t just take the evidence of your own eyes if you contrast public policy in multi party western European countries like Sweden, Holland, Belguim, Norway, Germany, Finland, Denmark et al with majoritarian ones like the UK or America (Does anyone really think that outcomes for the poor are better in the UK than in Sweden?!?!?!?).

He also takes a look at why some sections of the Labour party & related groups seem hostile to pluralism & electoral reform. It’s a very interesting article & you can read it here.

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