Labour and Lib Dem Grassroots Alliance

Birmingham ‘Yes to Fairer Votes’ already showing how it is done.  It’s great to have Ben Bradshaw onboard.

The Guardian:   Labour and Liberal Democrat Grassroots rebuild an Alliance

Ben Bradshaw, a former Labour cabinet minister well disposed to the Liberal Democrats, is to front the Labour Yes to AV campaign. He was invited to take up the role late last week, and privately admits a huge amount of work needs to be done…

Both Compass and Progress, the two leading left and centre-right factions inside the Labour party, will back the campaign and union funding is expected…

The influential campaign group Compass is attempting to create a progressive alliance on the left, balloting its supporters on whether it should open its membership lists to members of other political parties including the Liberal Democrats and the Greens, as well as non-aligned.

Ben Bradshaw

Update:  Richard Howitt Labour MEP has also committed to the Yes Campaign and offered Ben his support.  He says on Twitter today (17/11/10) “@BenPBradshaw leading the @UKLabour #Yes2AV campaign. Count me in too! @nextleft @wesstreeting “.  I think we’re going to need to start a list as we have quite a few West Midlands MPs and MEPs committed to the cause already.

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