No2AV losing the plot over LabourList survey?

Just thought we’d share this article by Anthony Butcher over at the I Support AV website, which basically highlights how statistics from polls & surveys can often be read & skewed in different ways. In this case, the official No2AV campaign site has hailed some results from a recent LabourList survey as proof that Labour supporters are “firmly” against AV, when both the results themselves & LabourList’s comment on them say that their responding members are very split on the debate.

As Anthony Butcher points out:

It is a perfect example of the difference between FPTP and AV. In the world of FPTP supporters, ‘firmly’ may indeed mean a minority 42% support, but for everyone else, including the authors of the Labourlist survey, a 42/33 split with 23% undecided is regarded as ‘divided‘.

Here’s the article on I Support AV

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